A.c. milan vs chelsea f.c. timeline? (2024)

Did Milan won Chelsea 3-0?

Chelsea 3-0 AC Milan: Blues kickstart Champions League campaign with convincing win over Italian champions. Chelsea kickstarted their stuttering Champions League campaign in emphatic fashion with an impressive 3-0 win over AC Milan at Stamford Bridge.

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How many times has Chelsea beat AC Milan?

In the INT CF, the two teams played a total of 4 games before, of which AC Milan won 1, Chelsea won 2 and the two teams drew 1. In the ICC, the two teams played a total of 2 games before, of which AC Milan won 0, Chelsea won 2 and the two teams drew 0.

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What time does AC Milan v Chelsea kick off?

AC Milan v Chelsea, 11 October at 21:00 CEST (San Siro, Milan)

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Which team is better Chelsea or AC Milan?

Currently Chelsea has a better 1vs1 performance index with 93. Chelsea has 30 goals and AC Milan has a total of 49 goals. Our opinion is that currently Chelsea would win the match. Chelsea vs AC Milan - who has the better defense?


Who did Chelsea beat 7 1?

Chelsea 7-1 Aston Villa | Make No Mistake . . .

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Who did Chelsea beat 6 1?

Chelsea 6-1 Manchester United (H) | PL2 Highlights | Video | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club.

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Who defeat Chelsea most?

The side has lost more league games to Liverpool than to any other club, having been defeated by them 70 times in 156 encounters.

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What is Chelsea longest unbeaten run?

Chelsea – 40

Thanks to their sensational consistency, the Blues went on a massive 40-game unbeaten run between 23 October 2004 to 29 October 2005.

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What is AC Milan biggest win?

  • Record win: 13–0 against Audax Modena, Prima Categoria, 4 October 1914.
  • Record away win: 10–0 against Ausonia, Prima Categoria, 21 October 1919.
  • Record Serie A win: 9–0 against Palermo, 18 February 1951.
  • Record Serie A away win: 8–0 against Genoa, 5 June 1955.

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Will Chelsea win AC Milan?

We expect Chelsea to win the match at 4/5, with a scoreline of 2-1 to Chelsea being quite likely.

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Where can I watch Milan Chelsea?

All matches in the 2022/23 Champions League, from the group stage to the final, will be exclusively live on BT Sport.

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What is Chelsea lineup vs AC Milan?

CHELSEA (3-4-2-1): Kepa; Chalobah, Thiago Silva, Koulibaly; James, Jorginho, Kovačić, Chilwell; Sterling, Mount; Aubameyang. Subs: Bettinelli, Mendy; Azpilicueta, Cucurella; Chukwuemeka, Gallagher, Loftus-Cheek, Zakaria; Broja, Havertz, Pulisic.

A.c. milan vs chelsea f.c. timeline? (2024)

Who is Chelsea worst rival?

Interesting football takes a look at Chelsea's biggest rivals.
  • Manchester United. United became one of the strongest forces in the English Premier League following their dominance from the late 90s to the early 2000s. ...
  • Arsenal (West vs North London) ...
  • Barcelona. ...
  • Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur. ...
  • Leeds United.
Mar 13, 2023

Who is Milan biggest rival?

The Juventus F.C.–A.C. Milan rivalry is a football derby between Juventus and Milan. Both teams often fight for the top positions of the league standings, sometimes even decisive for the award of the title. It is the oldest clash still played in Italy since 1901, and it is the most played derby in Italy.

Who is AC Milan biggest rival?

Milan's main rivalry is with its neighbour club, Inter Milan. Both clubs meet in the widely anticipated Derby della Madonnina twice every Serie A season.

Which club won Chelsea 6-0?

Coverage of the Premier League clash between Chelsea and Manchester City. Seven years ago today, Chelsea scored six unanswered goals against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

Have Chelsea lost 3 times in a row?

A third consecutive Super Cup defeat came in 2019 after winning their second Europa League title. Coached by club legend Frank Lampard, the Blues lost another Super Cup on penalties, this time to Liverpool. However, they broke the jinx in 2021, defeating Villarreal 7-6 on penalties to finally win the UEFA Super Cup.

Which club beat Chelsea 7 0?

Chelsea 7-0 Stoke City – April 2010

The hero this time was Kalou, who was brilliantly set up by Drogba for the opener after 24 minutes and then netted two more, either side of a Lampard penalty, for his only Chelsea hat-trick.

Did Barcelona beat Chelsea 5-0?

FC Barcelona 5-0 Chelsea - May 25, 1966 / Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1965/1966.

Did Arsenal beat Chelsea 13 1?

In 1964 Chelsea lost 13-1 to Arsenal prompting a further debate on the offside and free kick rules on the governing board. That's score I never heard in football history but Arsenal made was tremendous news. Congratulations Arsenal team .

When did Man City beat Chelsea 5-0?

Chelsea 5-0 Manchester City - Premier League - March 22, 2003 - Match Guide, Data Analysis, Standings - Football - Sports Mole.

Has Chelsea ever lost 7-0?

Leeds 7-0 Chelsea – October 1967

Manager Ron Suart's men ended the first half with four goals conceded and eventually ended the tie with seven goals.

What is Barcelona biggest loss?

What is Barcelona's biggest ever defeat in history? Barcelona's record defeat came in the 1930/31 season, when they were defeated 12-1 against Athletic Club in a Primera Division match. This remains the biggest-ever scoreline in the whole of La Liga.

What is Arsenal biggest loss?

Heaviest Defeats
1Aug 28, 20118:2
2Sep 12, 19537:1
3Mar 22, 20146:0
4Nov 5, 19606:0
1 more row

Who broke Chelsea's unbeaten run?

On this day in 2008, Chelsea's 86-game unbeaten Premier League home run came to an end as Xabi Alonso's strike gave Liverpool a 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge.

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