A.c. monza vs inter milan stats? (2023)

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Who is more successful Inter or AC Milan?

While both have 19 league titles to their name - making them the joint-second most successful club in the country behind Juventus - it's actually Inter who are the superior when it comes to games in the Milan derby. Inter have won 68 Serie A games against AC, with 56 draws and just 54 AC wins.

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What are the odds Milan vs Monza?

Kickoff is set for 2:45 p.m. ET at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. The latest Inter Milan vs. Monza odds from Caesars Sportsbook list Inter as the -255 favorites (risk $255 to win $100) on the 90-minute money line, with Monza as the +650 underdogs. A draw is priced at +320 and the over/under for total goals is 2.5.

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What are the odds for AC Milan Inter?

Discover the latest UCL Odds for the Inter Milano vs AC Milan on May 16, 2023 including point spreads, money lines and totals offered by US betting sites. Drag to the right or left to see other available odds. The best odds available today for Inter Milano is +140 at Caesars and for AC Milan +300 at BetRivers.

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Who wins Inter Milan?

Inter cruise past AC Milan 3-0 on aggregate to reach their first Champions League final since lifting the trophy in 2010.

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Who is AC Milan biggest rivalry?

Milan's main rivalry is with its neighbour club, Inter Milan. Both clubs meet in the widely anticipated Derby della Madonnina twice every Serie A season.

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Who is Inter Milan biggest rivalry?

The stadium is the largest in Italian football with a capacity of 75,817. They have long-standing rivalries with Milan, with whom they contest the Derby della Madonnina, and Juventus, with whom they contest the Derby d'Italia; their rivalry with the former is one of the most followed derbies in football.

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What is Inter Milan biggest defeat?

Record defeat in European competitions: 1–5 against Arsenal, UEFA Champions League, 25 November 2003.

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What is AC Milan biggest win?

  • Record win: 13–0 against Audax Modena, Prima Categoria, 4 October 1914.
  • Record away win: 10–0 against Ausonia, Prima Categoria, 21 October 1919.
  • Record Serie A win: 9–0 against Palermo, 18 February 1951.
  • Record Serie A away win: 8–0 against Genoa, 5 June 1955.

Who are AC Monza rivals?

Monza have played their home games at the Stadio Brianteo since 1988. The team have rivalries with Como, Pro Sesto and Pisa.

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Who has won more AC or Inter?

Inter Milan or AC Milan. According to Transfermarkt, Inter Milan currently hold the bragging rights when it comes to the most wins in this derby. Inter have won 80 matches, whilst AC Milan has won 71. There have been 67 draws.

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Who is Inter Milan rival?

Eternal rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan will contest an all-Italian Champions League semifinal when they go head-to-head at San Siro this week, 20 years after they last met in the final four of Europe's most prestigious club competition.

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Who is the best player at Inter Milan?

Ranking the 5 best Inter Milan players in 2023
  1. CM Nicolò Barella.
  2. ST Lautaro Martínez. ...
  3. ST Romelu Lukaku. ...
  4. DM Hakan Çalhanoğlu. ...
  5. CM Henrik Mkhitaryan. Henrik Mkhitaryan has been a top player for multiple prestigious clubs in European football, including another Serie A side in Roma. ...
May 19, 2023

A.c. monza vs inter milan stats? (2023)
What are Inter Milan fans called?

In the past, Inter fans were called 'Bauscia', a Milanese term meaning 'braggart', because the Nerazzurri were seen as the club of the bourgeoisie. By contrast, Milan were nicknamed 'Casciavit' – screwdriver in Milanese dialect – as the Rossoneri were the team of the working class. •

Why is it called Inter?

Italian and Swiss football players created the club, choosing the name “Internazionale” to reflect the club's international outlook. In other words, Inter emerged from the rejection of AC Milan's provincialism. Nowadays, people often refer to the club as “Inter” for short.

How much is Inter Milan worth?

Value Of Inter Milan Significantly Increased By Champions League Run. Inter owners Suning have been consistently reported to value the club at over €1 billion. According to Football Benchmark, the Champions League final gives the owners more reason to value the club highly.

Why did AC Milan fall apart?

But how did things go so awry? How did one of the most decorated clubs in Europe become one that is not even good enough to play in the Champions League? A lot of factors including ownership trouble, reckless spending, managerial instability and bad squad management have contributed to AC Milan's downfall.

Who is the biggest legend in AC Milan?

Milan's record appearance-maker is Paolo Maldini, who made 902 appearances over his 25 seasons at the club from 1985 to 2009. Gunnar Nordahl is the club's top goalscorer with 221 goals in 268 appearances.

Who is PSG rival?

Le Classique (French pronunciation: ​[lə klasik], The Classic) is the rivalry between French professional football clubs Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille.

Who is Juventus biggest rival?

The Juventus F.C.–A.C. Milan rivalry is a football derby between Juventus and Milan. Both teams often fight for the top positions of the league standings, sometimes even decisive for the award of the title. It is the oldest clash still played in Italy since 1901, and it is the most played derby in Italy.

Who is better Juventus or AC Milan?

Is Juventus better than AC Milan? Currently AC Milan has a better 1vs1 performance index with 91. Juventus has 55 goals and AC Milan has a total of 61 goals. Our opinion is that currently AC Milan would win the match.

What is the biggest rivalry in Italy?

By far the most heated rivalry of Italian soccer. AS Roma and Lazio fans live for this match and the whole city literally stops when the game is happening. There is a saying about the Derby della Capitale: "In Milan you talk about the Derby for a week, in Rome for a year".

Is AC Milan the greatest team ever?

A World Soccer Poll voted AC Milan as the greatest club side of all time, the only club side to make that ranking, alongside legendary World Cup sides (Brazil 1970, Hungary 1954 and the Dutch side of 1974).

Which Milan club is most successful?

AC Milan is nicknamed the Rossoneri (“Red and Blacks”) because of the team's distinctive red-and-black striped jerseys. The winner of 18 Serie A (Italy's top football division) league championships, the club is also one of the world's most successful teams in international club competitions.

What is Inter Milan's worst loss?

What is Inter's biggest ever home defeat in history? Inter's record home defeat is by six goals. This has only occurred on one occasion; 6-0 to rivals AC Milan on 11 May 2001 in Serie A.

What was AC Milan's longest winning streak?

AC Milan 1991-1993 (58 Unbeaten League Games)

Arrigo Sacchi's AC Milan is widely recognized as one of the best club sides in history, and one of their most impressive achievements was an incredible 58-match unbeaten run in the Serie A.

Who is the biggest Milan fan?

#1 Kobe Bryant. NBA sensation Kobe Bryant is a huge fan of the Milan club as he spent a major part of his boyhood in Italy when his father Joe Bryant moved to the country to continue his basketball career.

Who is the chief of Monza?

Monza chief Adriano Galliani is delighted seeing Milan back in the elite of football. Inter Milan will meet Galliani's former club AC Milan in the Champions League semifinal next month.

Who is Torino FC rival?

The club's traditional colour is maroon, and its symbol is a rampant bull, the traditional symbol of the city of Turin, from which the club's nickname is derived - "Il Toro" (The Bull). Torino have a local rivalry with Juventus F.C. and the two sides contest the Derby della Mole.

Is it worth visiting Monza?

It is also one of the most famous cities in the world due to its “Formula Uno” (Grand Prix) racetrack and it hosts one of the most beautiful ancient royal residence of the Lombardy. In a nutshell: visit Monza can give you beautiful surprises. Below a quick summary: WHAT TO SEE IN MONZA.

What is the difference between Inter Milan and AC Milan?

In total, Milan have 47 titles, while Inter have 39. In terms of identity, Milan is the older club and few Milan members were unhappy about not being able to buy foreign players, so they decided to form a club that accepts players from all over the world, hence the name Internazionale Milano.

Who is the most successful Inter Milan coach?

Helenio Herrera and Roberto Mancini are the most successful managers in terms of number of trophies won. Helenio Herrera won three Serie A titles, two European Cups and two Intercontinental Cups.

Who is the most successful Italian team?


Which team has won 6 trophies in a season?

FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich are the only two teams to have achieved the sextuple, having achieved that in 2009 and 2020 respectively.

Why did AC Milan decline?

But how did things go so awry? How did one of the most decorated clubs in Europe become one that is not even good enough to play in the Champions League? A lot of factors including ownership trouble, reckless spending, managerial instability and bad squad management have contributed to AC Milan's downfall.

What is the oldest club in football?

Cambridge University claim to be the oldest football club in the world, as the Football Association awarded them with a plaque in 2006 in honor of their 150th anniversary, giving official recognition to the foundation date of the club in 1856.

Who is the best player in AC Milan?

AC Milan current squad:
  • Fode Ballo Ballo Toure, 1 Goals 0 Assists 19 Pass interceptions.
  • Rafael Leao, 13 Goals 8 Assists 39 Pass interceptions.
  • Theo Hernandez, 4 Goals 3 Assists 105 Pass interceptions.
  • Malick Laye Thiaw, 0 Goals 0 Assists 65 Pass interceptions.
  • Fikayo Tomori, 1 Goals 0 Assists 162 Pass interceptions.

What are Inter fans called?

He scored 197 goals for Inter and won two FIFA World Cups with Italy. • In the past, Inter fans were called 'Bauscia', a Milanese term meaning 'braggart', because the Nerazzurri were seen as the club of the bourgeoisie.

What are AC Milan fans called?

The nickname given to Milan fans was “Casciavit” (pronounced Cashiaveet) which is a Milanese dialect word referring to “Screwdriver.” This evidently referred to Milan's working class fan base.

Is AC Milan better than Arsenal?

Is Arsenal FC better than AC Milan? Currently Arsenal FC has a better 1vs1 performance index with 99. Arsenal FC has 88 goals and AC Milan has a total of 61 goals. Our opinion is that currently Arsenal FC would win the match.

Who is the top scorer for AC Milan all time?

Gunnar Nordahl

Who is Inter Milan's top scorer?

Inter Milan top scorers 2022-2023
  • Lautaro Martínez 21(1) Romelu Lukaku 10(2) Edin Džeko 9(0)
  • Assists. Lautaro Martínez 6 Romelu Lukaku 6 Nicolò Barella 6.
  • Yellow Cards. Marcelo Brozović 9 Nicolò Barella 6 Roberto Gagliardini 5.
  • Red Cards. Roberto Gagliardini 1 Milan Škriniar 1.
  • Saves. André Onana 62 Samir Handanovič 35.


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