A.s. roma vs bologna fc lineups? (2024)

What are the odds Roma vs Bologna?

The latest Bologna vs. Roma odds from Caesars Sportsbook list Roma as the +140 favorites (risk $100 to win $140) on the 90-minute money line, with Bologna as the +220 underdogs. A draw is priced at +200 and the over/under for total goals is 2.5.

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What was the sports mole prediction for Roma vs Bologna?

We say: Bologna 1-1 Roma

Neither side are prolific and both have lacked a regular goalscorer in recent weeks. Therefore, a low-scoring draw could be on the cards, as Roma will be distracted by their upcoming trip to Germany; allowing Bologna to take advantage by adding to an impressive home points total.

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Where can I watch the Roma vs Bologna game?

Sunday's Serie A schedule features AS Roma away to Bologna at 12:00 PM ET. You can stream the match on Paramount+. Roma's last game was a 1-0 victory at home against Bayer Leverkusen, taking nine shots and outshooting Bayer Leverkusen by one.

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Who is Bologna biggest rival?

Derby dell'Emilia (Emilia Derby): Bologna – Parma: these are the two largest clubs in Emilia, although first appearance in Serie A was in 1990, Parma's first year in the top flight.

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Has Roma ever won?

In European competitions, Roma won the UEFA Europa Conference League in 2021–22, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1960–61 and was runner-up in the 1983–84 European Cup, the 1990–91 UEFA Cup and the 2022-23 UEFA Europa League.

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Has Bologna ever won Serie A?

They have won Serie A on occasions, the first time in the season 1924-1925. They have also won the Coppa Italia twice, the Mitropa Cup trice and the UEFA Intertoto Cup once.

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Has Roma won a trophy before?

Before the 2022 Europa Conference League triumph, Roma's previous trophy capture came in the 2007-08 season, when they won the Coppa Italia. They have won two European trophies in their history — the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1960-61, and the Anglo-Italian Cup in 1972.

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What are the odds for Sampdoria vs Roma?

Sampdoria odds from Caesars Sportsbook list Roma as the -235 favorites (risk $235 to win $100) on the 90-minute money line, with Sampdoria as the +750 underdog. A draw is priced at +310 and the over/under for total goals is 2.5.

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Is Roma playing Super Cup?

One question surrounding the Super Cup is the absence of Roma, the reigning UEFA Conference League champions. José Mourinho's team became the first team to lift the trophy last season, but that didn't earn them a ticket to the Super Cup, which is to be contested by Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday.

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How many games have Roma played this season?

Roma are currently in 6th position in the 2022/23 Italian Serie A, with 60 points from 37 matches played. They have won 17 matches, drawn 9, and lost 11. They have scored 48 goals (58.3 Expected Goals (xG)) and conceded 37 goals (31.7 Expected Goals against (xGA)).

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Where can I watch Roma tonight?

AS Roma | BT Sport.


What is the biggest derby in Italy?

Milano is the city dominated by rivalry between the two city's soccer teams, Inter and AC Milan.

A.s. roma vs bologna fc lineups? (2024)

Why is bologna Italy so popular?

Why Bologna? Perhaps because it is the capital of Emilia-Romagna, a region in the north of Italy that is known for its ancient architecture, rich food and the seaside. Maybe because Bologna is legendary for its traditional cuisine (tagliatelle al ragù and lasagne alla bolognese are few of the many examples.)

Who is Juventus biggest rival?

The Juventus F.C.–A.C. Milan rivalry is a football derby between Juventus and Milan. Both teams often fight for the top positions of the league standings, sometimes even decisive for the award of the title. It is the oldest clash still played in Italy since 1901, and it is the most played derby in Italy.

Are Roma a big club?

In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus are twin brothers whose story tells the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome. As one of the biggest clubs in the world, it's little surprise Roma have a following of celebrity supporters.

Who is Roma most loyal player?

1. Francesco Totti. It would be difficult to find another footballer as loyal as Francesco Totti. Not only did he devote over 24 years of his life to AS Roma, but it was also the only club he played for, apart from the Italy National team.

Who is Roma highest goal scorer?

All-time Top Goalscorers
#Player / Current club
1Francesco Totti Retired307
2Roberto Pruzzo Retired138
3Edin Dzeko Inter Milan119
4Amedeo Amadei ---110
21 more rows

What is the nickname of bologna?

Bologna has three nicknames: “la Dotta, la Grassa, la Rossa” [the Intellectual, the Fat, the Red].

Who owns the bologna FC?

Saputo is the majority shareholder in a consortium (BFC 1909 Lux SPV SA) that bought the Italian football team Bologna F.C. 1909 on October 15, 2014.

Which Italian team has the most trophies?


What is the Italian name for Rome?

Rome, Italian Roma, historic city and capital of Roma provincia (province), of Lazio regione (region), and of the country of Italy.

Is Roma a right wing?

Torino is the same. As Roma was a left wing club, but since the 80's, right wing progressively replaced and took over the historical political leaning of their fan base. It's globally the same for many clubs.

How much is Roma FC worth?

Market cap: $0.29 Billion

As of June 2023 A.S. Roma has a market cap of $0.29 Billion.

Which team is better Napoli or Roma?

Currently Napoli has a better 1vs1 performance index with 95. Napoli has 73 goals and AS Roma has a total of 47 goals. Our opinion is that currently Napoli would win the match. Napoli vs AS Roma - who has the better defense?

Who has won more Roma or Lazio?

Derby della Capitale
StadiumsStadio Olimpico
Meetings totalOfficial matches: 180 Unofficial matches: 16 Total matches: 196
Most winsOfficial matches: Roma (67) Unofficial matches: Lazio (7) Total matches: Roma (73)
Most player appearancesFrancesco Totti (44)
8 more rows

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