A.s. roma vs genoa c.f.c. lineups? (2024)

What are the odds Genoa vs Roma?

According to the odds, the most likely score in this game is a 1-0 win for Roma at 28/5 (6.60), which implies a 15.20% probability.

What was the prediction for Roma vs Genoa Sports Mole?

The likeliest Genoa win was 0-1 (8.45%), while for a drawn scoreline it was 1-1 (12.42%). The actual scoreline of 1-0 was predicted with a 12% likelihood. Our data analysis correctly predicted a 1-0 win for Roma in this match and our team at Sports Mole correctly predicted the win for Roma.

Who is in the Roma Genoa lineup?

Lineup Roma

Rui Patricio, Mancini, Kumbulla, Ibanez, Zalewski, Bove, Matic, Pellegrini, El Shaarawy, Abraham, Zaniolo.

Where can I watch Roma vs Genoa CFC?

You can watch Roma vs Genoa live stream here on ScoreBat when an official broadcast is available.

Who are Genoa biggest rivals?

One of the most iconic Italian city derbies: Genoa vs. Sampdoria is also called Derby della Lanterna for the lighthouse that is one of the symbols of the city. The rivalry doesn't need many explanations as the two clubs are from the same city and it's by far one of the best atmosphere that you can experience in Italy.

Have Roma ever won a European competition?

In European competitions, Roma won the UEFA Europa Conference League in 2021–22 and the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1960–61, while they finished runners-up in the 1983–84 European Cup, the 1990–91 UEFA Cup and the 2022–23 UEFA Europa League.

Has Roma ever won the Italian League?

Roma has won the league title three times (1941–42, 1982–83, and 2000–01). The club has also won the Italian Cup nine times and the Italian Super Cup twice (2001, 2007). Moreover, Roma has reached the Italian Cup final on seven other occasions.

Who is predicted to win Genoa CFC v SSC Napoli?

Our analysis of all available data, including recent performances and player stats up until an hour before kickoff, suggested the most likely outcome of this match was a Napoli win with a probability of 60.24%. A draw had a probability of 20.5% and a win for Genoa had a probability of 19.26%.

What are the odds Roma vs Bologna?

The latest Bologna vs. Roma odds from Caesars Sportsbook list Roma as the +140 favorites (risk $100 to win $140) on the 90-minute money line, with Bologna as the +220 underdogs. A draw is priced at +200 and the over/under for total goals is 2.5.

Who is the best player in Roma now?

  • Goalkeeper. Rui Pedro dos Santos Patricio. Top 10 in Air challenges, % Seria A.
  • Forward. Tammy Abraham. Top 5 in Air challenges. Seria A.
  • Midfielder. Paulo Bruno Dybala. #2 in Goals - Penalties. Seria A.
  • Defender. Roger Ibanez. #3 in One-touch passes. Seria A.

Who is the best player in AS Roma?

  • Top scorer. Paulo Dybala. Roma. Tammy Abraham. ...
  • Paulo Dybala. Roma. Lorenzo Pellegrini. Roma. ...
  • Goals + Assists. Paulo Dybala. Roma. ...
  • FotMob rating. Paulo Dybala. Roma. ...
  • Goals per 90. Paulo Dybala. Roma. ...
  • Expected goals (xG) Tammy Abraham. Roma. ...
  • Expected goals (xG) per 90. Tammy Abraham. Roma. ...
  • Expected goals on target (xGOT) Tammy Abraham. Roma.

Who is the best Roma player of all time?

An attacking midfielder who could also play as a lone striker or winger, Francesco Totti stands as unarguably the greatest legend in the entire history of the Giallorossi.

What channel is AS Roma match on?

How to watch Roma vs Spezia online - TV channels & live streams. The game will be available to stream live online through BT Sport.

Where can I watch Roma vs Feyenoord in the US?

Paramount+ is the only place to watch every minute of every UEFA Europa League match this season and over 2,400 soccer matches a year. A subscription also gives you access to other sports content including the Italian Serie A, Champions League, NWSL, NFL on CBS, and countless movies and shows.

Where can I watch Roma vs US Lecce?

For fans in the United States, Lecce v AS Roma will be on Paramount+ along with other key fixtures in Serie A Matchday 22.

Why was Genoa so rich?

The alliance with the restored Byzantine Empire increased the wealth and power of Genoa, and simultaneously decreased Venetian and Pisan commerce. The Byzantine Empire had granted the majority of free trading rights to Genoa. Around the 14th century, Genoa was also credited with the invention of blue jeans.

Why was Genoa so powerful?

Genoa was one of the so-called "Maritime Republics" ( Repubbliche Marinare), along with Venice, Pisa, and Amalfi) and trade, shipbuilding and banking helped support one of the largest and most powerful navies in the Mediterranean.

What are people from Genoa called?

Genoese may refer to: a person from Genoa.

Are Roma a big club?

The brothers are Romulus and Remus. In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus are twin brothers whose story tells the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome. As one of the biggest clubs in the world, it's little surprise Roma have a following of celebrity supporters.

What does Forza Roma mean in English?

Forza, forza Roma alé Which in English, equates to: Come on Roma. Come on Roma. I just want to be with you.

What is Roma's nickname?

A.S. Roma
Full nameAssociazione Sportiva Roma SpA
Nickname(s)i Giallorossi (The Yellow-Reds) La Maggica (The Magic One) i Lupi (The Wolves)
Short nameRoma
Founded22 July 1927
10 more rows

Who is bigger Roma or Lazio?

Roma is the bigger club.

What is the Italian name for Rome?

Rome, Italian Roma, historic city and capital of Roma provincia (province), of Lazio regione (region), and of the country of Italy.

Who is the only Italian player to win the league?

SPORTbible on Instagram: “Mario Balotelli, the only Italian to ever win the Premier League. 🇮🇹🐐”

Who is the rival of Genoa CFC?

The Derby della Lanterna, Italian for the "Derby of the Lantern", is Genoa's local derby, played by Genoa C.F.C and U.C. Sampdoria.

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