Where to watch nottingham forest vs man united? (2024)

Where to watch nottingham forest vs man united?

Those in the UK can watch only on Sky Sports Premier League or accompanying streaming services. Those Stateside can watch on USA. For Spanish language coverage head to Telemundo.

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How can I watch Nottingham Forest in the US?

In the US, the game will be broadcast live on NBC Sports, both online and on television. It will also be shown on USA Network and Universo, both owned by NBC, as well as on the streaming service Peaco*ck.

(The United Stand)

Where can I watch the Nottingham Forest game today?

๐Ÿ“บ Watch Nottingham Forest vs Brighton live on BT Sport today! With the 3-2 defeat against Liverpool extending Forest's winless run to 11 games (D3 L8), Steve Cooper's men face a relegation threat. They put up an impressive performance at Anfield.

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(The Promised Land | A Manchester United Podcast)

What channel is Nottingham Forest on today?

Nottingham Forest's TV schedule includes their Premier League matches on Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime, FA Cup matches on BBC and ITV and their Carabao Cup matches on Sky Sports.

(Video) Manchester United v. Nottingham Forest | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/27/2022 | NBC Sports
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Where can I watch Manchester United in USA?

FA Cup and League Cup games featuring Man U can be found on ESPN/ESPN+, while UEFA competitions stream on Paramount+. With the development of cord-cutting and streaming, you do not need cable to watch USA or NBC.

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Who is showing the Nottingham Forest game?

Nottingham Forest Fixtures | Sky Sports.

(Nottingham Forest FC )

What time is Forest match tonight?

Football fixtures
Match status / kick off time
11:30C Palace Nottm Forest

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How can I watch Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest in USA?

With Fubo, you can watch Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest and tons more Premier League games with a 7-day trial. With the legal streaming service, you can watch the game on your computer, smartphone, tablet, Roku, Apple TV or hook it up to your TV with Google Chromecast.

(Nottingham Forest FC )

Where can I watch Nottingham Forest documentary?

Watch PL Stories - Nottingham Forest 'A Remarkable Story' | Prime Video.

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What is the forest available on?

Watch The Forest | Netflix Official Site.

(Video) Nottingham Forest 0-2 Manchester United | LIVE STREAM Watchalong | DALOT GOAL!
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What app shows national forests?

National Forest Explorer on the App Store.

(Video) HIGHLIGHTS | Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal (1-0) | Premier League

Where can I watch Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest on what channel?

US Viewers. Liverpool vs. Nottingham Forest is being shown live on the USA Network and NBC Universo in the US, which are available to live stream with fuboTV here.

Where to watch nottingham forest vs man united? (2024)
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