Who won alex vs america brunch 2022? (2024)

Who won in Alex versus America in the brunch show?

A Biloxi chef dubbed “Mr. Fancy Pants” by Alex Guarnaschelli came back from the bottom to win a $15,000 prize on Sunday's episode of “Alex vs. America.”

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Who won Alex versus America?

Chef Jon Matsubara of “Feast” on Oahu celebrated his win at his Manoa Valley restaurant Monday night. HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An Oahu chef won big on the Food Network show “Alex Versus America.” Chef Jon Matsubara of “Feast” on Oahu celebrated his win at his Manoa Valley restaurant Monday night.

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Has anyone beaten Alex Guarnaschelli?

Alex has placed second before, too, more than once. In the show's second episode, “Alex vs Beef,” Alex lost to Chef Kevin Lee. Alex is, of course, very competitive. This is something she admits openly, both on the show and off.

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Who won Alex vs. America Episode 2?

Lee walked away a winner from the second-ever episode of Food Network's “Alex vs. America,” defeating two other guest chefs and the show's resident champion, Alex Guarnaschelli in a beef battle.

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What happened to Alex on Sunday brunch?

The former bassist of band Blur joined hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer in the studio to cook up some steak with a topping of blue cheese, but he suffered an unfortunate accident. Less than an hour into the programme, Alex, 53, could be seen using only his right hand as a finger on his left hand was covered in blood.

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Has Alex ever beat Bobby Flay?

Though Chef Lomonaco appreciated the nontraditional use of rice in Bobby's dish, ultimately Alex won the title and beat Bobby once and for all, as Chef Bloomfield deemed Alex's dish "vibrant" and "decadent."

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Is Alex on Alex vs. America married?

PEOPLE confirmed that the Food Network star and Castellon ended their engagement in February 2022, nearly two years after the pair got engaged in June 2020. Guarnaschelli and Castellon first met while she was visiting the restaurant where he worked as a chef, she previously told PEOPLE.

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When did Alex vs. America come out?

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What happened to Alex's finger on Alex vs. America?

America. Revealing that the incident took place during the filming of the Brunch Battle episode (episode three), Guarnaschelli revealed that it went down while she was slicing sunchokes with a mandoline.

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Did Guarnaschelli call off engagement?

Closer Weekly first reported the news of Guarnaschelli and Castellon's split. Castellon confirmed the end of their engagement to the outlet, and said in a statement, "Wishing her nothing but the best."

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What does Guy Fieri call Alex Guarnaschelli?

It was later that Guy Fieri gave her the nickname ICAG and helped to build up the reputation that came to define Guarnaschelli on Food Network.

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How many Michelin stars does Alex Guarnaschelli have?

Does Alex Guarnaschelli have a Michelin star? No, but she began her international culinary journey at Michelin's three-star restaurant Guy Savoy in Paris.

Who won alex vs america brunch 2022? (2024)

Who won Alex vs. America Alex vs brunch?

Fancy Pants” by Alex Guarnaschelli came back from the bottom to win a $15,000 prize on Sunday's episode of “Alex vs. America.” Austin Sumrall, owner of White Pillars Restaurant and Lounge, wowed judges Adrienne Cheatham and “Top Chef” winner Kelsey Barnard Clark with his signature brunch dish, grits and grillades.

Did Britt beat Alex on Alex vs. America?

The judges were very impressed with Chef Britt's cooking and told her and Chef Alex that they were the top two chefs for both rounds and that both their dishes were "bangers," but ultimately Chef Alex won the competition.

Who is the MC on Alex vs. America?

Eric Adjepong will be the host of the show. Besides being a public health nutritionist, Adjepong has also appeared on reality television shows such as Bravo's Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars.

Who is Alex on Sunday brunch?

Guest chef is Alex James from Blur who has gone from bass player in a pop group to famous cheesemaker. Sunetra Sarker is the former Casualty star who plays Kaneez Paracha in Ackley Bridge, Channel 4's school drama that has just returned.

Where is Alex on Monday?

8:30 AMLeaves farm to visit his grandparents.
6:00 PMHeads back to farm.
10:00 PMGoes to bed.
May 12, 2023

Who are the judges on Alex vs brunch?

Judges Adrienne Cheatham and Brooke Williamson eliminate one chef before round two, where taking first place could win a chef $10,000, but only if they can defeat Chef Alex.

Do the winners of Beat Bobby Flay get paid?

The winning chef will be awarded $15,000 before heading to battle, and if he or she beats Bobby an additional $25,000 awaits, along with some pretty substantial bragging rights. Find out how the finale played out.

Who Beat Bobby Flay twice?

Unsurprisingly, Chef Viet Pham views his success against Bobby Flay with adoration and humility. "It's amazing. ... To be able to beat him, not once, but twice, is awesome," he told Tasting Table.

How many Beat Bobby Flay has he lost?

The winning contestant then chooses a dish for both the contestant and Flay to cook in the second round which lasts for 45 minutes. The winner of the second round is determined by three judges in a blind taste test. Through 413 competitions, Bobby Flay's win–loss record is 255–158 (a 61.7% win percentage).

Who is chef Alex's boyfriend?

By Howard CohenJune 24, 2020. Celebrity chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Castellon have taken their relationship to the next level — and the Food Network star has a dazzling ring to prove it.

Is Alex no longer on The Kitchen?

Under terms of the pact,, Guarnaschelli will host a new primetime series; join “The Kitchen,” a Saturday morning culinary-chat show, as a recurring co-host; continue in her role as judge on the competition series, “Chopped”; and create and host additional episodes of a digital series, “Fix Me A Plate,” which shows the ...

Does chef Alex have a daughter?

Where is Alex vs. America located?

Host Eric Adjepong invites three chefs hailing from the great island of Hawaii to take on Alex Guarnaschelli in a competition celebrating the uniqueness of Hawaiian food.

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